Custom Designs

Emmice offers to its customers who have some special requirements in web design and our ready solutions may not fit their needs the ability to send us their requests to study, we'd be glad to schedule a meeting at the company to determine the required work and Emmice team will study the requirements and reply to you with the possibility to design the project as well as to determine the time and cost required.

Mostly in the custom design process is that client does provide Emmice examples of sites and designs similar to the required work and provide pictures of the site content. The design process  is done in two phases where the graphic designer, first draw a draft of the site in the form of a digital image based on information provided by the client. Then after the design is presented to the client and after approval the graphic designer's role ends and then comes to the second phase, which is that the web developer transfers the digital image to a formula that is understood by web browsers. Design will be converted to files composed of HTML, CSS and code of JavaScript and then, developers of Emmice install these files on the content management system for the site to be ready to run.

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Custom Development and Complete Solutions

Emmice specializes in web development that is one of the fastest growing industries today in order to meet the high demand on the online business ranging from simple static websites to the most complex enterprises web applications.

Emmice utilizes the latest technologies in web development field and follows development standards along with the best design patterns to perfectly suit each application, taking security considerations as the highest priority, web development includes wide range of solutions such as:
  • Governmental and Authorities Portals.
  • Companies and Enterprises Portals.
  • Educational websites for universities and schools.
  • Business and companies websites.
  • Systems for Advanced Content Management.
  • Forums & Discussion Boards.
  • Communication and SMS Messaging Gateways.
  • Online Helpdesks.
  • Payment Processor Gateways.
  • Magazines & News Letters.
  • Interactive & E-Publishing Websites


Projects Specifications

Emmice have a standard set of specifications for implemented projects for the technical specifications in terms of the techniques used and the infrastructure and programming languages. Emmice also provides advanced security specifications to ensure the quality and stability of the implemented systems. Additionally each project is provided with an administration panel that is easy to use.


Technical Features

  • Utilization of ASP.NET 3.5 Framework.
  • Minimum configurations needed.
  • Support of multilingual websites and right to left languages.
  • Static and Dynamic Localization are supported.
  • 3-Tier Caching system delivering maximum performance for the application.
  • C# Optimized Code for maximum efficiency.
  • Component based systems & OOP structured programming.
  • Health & Monitoring System to guarantee stability and consistency of the application.
  • CSS Templates, Clean designs and Themes.
  • Search Engine Friendly Content & URLS (Known as SEO).
  • Interactive Web 2.0 interface empowered by latest interface technologies such AJAX,

Security Features

  • Public forms are CAPTCHA(numeric image verification) protected.
  • User-inputs are cleaned against XSS codes before being stored.
  • User-inputs are validated twice on the client side and on the server side before being processed.
  • Data is cleaned against SQL-Injection Attacks.
  • Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) Certificates protected websites.
  • Security patches and updates are regularly applied.
  • Sensitive Data such as Passwords is one-way encrypted into database for sensitive applications.
  • Login processes are based on database-relying sessions (server-side).

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