Emmice Pack for Business Websites

Emmice pack for businesses offers an integrated solution for any company or business owner who wants to own a complete and advanced website for his company.

The package puts the opportunity of owning a website on the Internet between your hands, supported by the latest standards and technologies with a range of valuable and complementary tools that make it ideal for all companies and institutions that are looking for identifying itself and communicating with visitors through a website.

Dear owner of the company, having a website for your business on the Internet means that you have a complete media channel for your business and since we know the importance of that, we provided this package with all the tools you need in the creation and management of your site and its contents.

Through these lines, you'll learn about the importance of having a website for your company, and what’s the added value that your company can

from the business pack we offer both in terms of media, marketing

and communication with customers and others...

The website is the most effective advertising mean

A  company's website today has become an indispensable  option for any company looking for a modern marketing as it’s the most effective way in the declaration and complementary to any means of other advertising means,  consider comparing the available space on a website page to advertising space available in newspaper along with the cost price per each, but when integrating between the two methods you could buy an advertising space mentioning the name of the website only in the newspaper saving a lot of money.

Also what about comparing to the possibility to keep the advertising of the company in the newspaper to the possibility of keeping only the name of the company's website? of course, owning a web site opens the prospect of an unprecedented spread of the name of your company name, it becomes very easy for a person to talk to someone else and tell him your company’s website name, send it through email or even by SMS or any other means for the exchange of information, all this became possible by owning a website.

If this simple example made it a little clearer what’s the media importance of the website for any company today, talking about the communication isn’t any less important:

What are communication tools included?

Owning Emmice Business Pack means you get a website for your company that is equipped with more than a tool to connect with visitors, with this package you get an e-mail under the name of your site - say goodbye to free/personal e-mail -, also your website comes with an advanced contact form that allows visitors to contact and send email to your e-mail account. So, with this package you get a professional e-mail under the name of your site and a special contact form page on the website linked to that e-mail account.

Communication tools are not limited to professional email address and contact form only, but also your website comes equipped with other special applications for communication with visitors:

Interaction and communication through newsletters and polls..

The package comes equipped with the Newsletter application, a special application that displays in the interface of site a small box that allows visitors to enter their e-mail to subscribe to company’s newsletter to be updated on the latest news and ads, at the  Admin backend, you got the ability to send a message to all newsletter subscribers at once. Owning a Newsletter system or what is known by e-mail campaigns to keep your customers aware of the offers and new services of the company became possible within the Emmice Pack for Businesses.

If the Newsletter allows you to send email campaigns to customers about your services and offers, then what about the possibility of knowing what is the level of customer satisfaction of your services..? thus we did not overlook polls system in the package, which allows you to display a box at the front of the site presenting a question for visitors and allows them to choose between pre-defined answers, and the backend Admin panel gives full control over the poll, now using this feature you can know the level of customer satisfaction for a product or services or to know the feasibility of introducing a new service to the company's services.

Social communication and linking to Facebook

Along with communication tools former presented, your website also comes equipped with pictures and video album, you can create albums of pictures and videos about company or about the activities of the company's, you can upload images to albums from your computer directly to be included in impressive albums for your visitors to see, you can also upload video clips from your computer or include it from other sites such as YouTube and others to display directly within your site.

Photos & Videos Albums features:
  • Add new albums
  • Add subsidiary albums
  • Add pictures and describe them
  • Add video and a written description of it
  • Add video from an external site such as YouTube and the written description of it
  • The possibility of adding a thumbnail image (snapshot) of the video
  • Control the order of appearance for images and/or videos

Nowadays, the importance of social networking sites it’s no longer denied by anyone, so if your company has a page on one of the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter or YouTube all you have to do is the inclusion of the link through the administrative panel, then it will show a link to your social page on the interface of your website.

The easiest administration panel ever made!

Of the most important features of Emmice pack for companies and businesses is the existence of an administrative panel for all parts and pages of the site. Suitable for all users,  as it does not require the user to have a technical knowledge of websites, if you know how to work on Office Word then make sure that you can use the administration panel to create and modify the content of your web pages with ease.
The administrative panel works entirely through a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, and therefore will not need to install any additional software on your computer in order to manage your site, and that the presence of administrative panel that works through the browser directly, means the ability to manage the site through any computer connected to the Internet, all you need is to write the administration address in your browser and login using the login name and password.

To make the panel easier on the user it comes available in both Arabic and English, so no matter the degree of your knowledge with the Internet, always make sure that you will not experience any difficulty in managing the contents of your site and modify pages.

The top selling business template, why..?

Owning your website within Emmice Business Pack you will get a design for your site that is one of the best templates appropriate to the corporate and business field, and now you are going to know the top ten reasons why this package is a best-selling in this field:
  1. The best design standards for companies and businesses where design was adopted on a master menu of multiple levels gives the modern and professional impression of the site and allow at the same time adding levels of infinite subsidiary links unlike personal sites, also the design contains a linear menu of links at the bottom, where legal pages of the site are placed, and your site comes  prefilled with these links to your site legal pages designed and written specifically for companies and business sites (including:  Terms of Use Page and Privacy Policy.)
  2. Simplicity of the design features not to affect the identity of the company along with the modern design lines and professionalism at the same time.
  3. We use this template as a standard template for the sites of companies and businesses, but we didn't overlook the customization tools that will help you to show your company identity, including:
    • You can select the template by a lot of different theme colors that have been carefully selected to suit your company's identity or order a custom design.
    • You can adjust the company logo and slogan and write your company name above.
    • Control the visibility of side-boxes on the home page right column.
    • You can control the content of the home page and modify the entire main introductory paragraph through an editor similar to Microsoft Office Word.
    • You can modify the important links in the middle of the main homepage or turn it off.
    • Full control over the links the upper and lower navigation menus.
  4. The template allows you to control th form of various sections of your site and  the creation of new sections such as news articles, and also control how they appear and how do their pages.
  5. Saves you the effort of going to a template designer to try to invent a new form suited to your company site, what you see now is what you get, but customized to the nature of your company!
  6. Template interface works on all modern browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc., and also compatible with older browsers.
  7. A practical design that focuses on textual content and therefore the ease and the possibility of higher readibility.
  8. A design that supports the latest technologies such as AJAX to provide an interactive interface for visitors.
  9. Fast loading as the interface supports the latest compression techniques for JavaScript  and images and makes use of CSS Sprites.
  10. The largest bouquet of colors to choose from where you can choose from for your site.


Package Features

Home Page Dynamic Contents

Your website homepage comes equipped with several editables areas that you can customize and add text to it as you want, at the front comes the "Introductory Text" area which you can fill directly with any texts or pictures or advertisements to visitors of the site.

Another space is displayed in the right column of the website to write any other important data you want to put it in a special box at the right column.



Advanced Contact Form and SPAM protection

So that visitors can communicate with your company's professionally, the pack provide an integrated form for your site allows visitors to

send a message as soon as they fill the fields and they can also attach files with the message easily, this form ensuring you get protection from spam where the protection of the ROI image.

The form is directly associated with your website e-mail accounts where you can allow more than one recipient to the contact form such as setting an e-mail to sales department and another for technical support and so on, and then the form will give these departments to the visitor to choose from when filling out the form to be direct his message to the correct recipient.




Searching website makes it easy for your visitors

If doesn't work for visitor to find the requested page through navigation lists, he still can search in the site as your website comes provided with search engine special for the contents of the site and it searches all pages of the site, it only requires the visitor to enter a keyword or phrase and search to reach the desired pages accurately and easily.




Navigation Menus

The ideal website is Known to have access to its contents by no more three from the visitor, thus your site has been provided with 4 navigation lists of links, distributed as follows:
Main menu at the top of the site and is displayed in all pages of the site and can support an unlimited number of sub-links.

A list of links the middle of the homepage, where you can put the most important links to attract attention.
Sitemap navigation, a special page called the sitemap where the links list is showing links to the all site pages where it is automatically considered a last resort for your visitors to access the content.
Bottom links, a list of lower linear links shown in small font beneath the site where you can add secondary pages links page.
This distributed navigation system will make accessing your web pages any difficult for the visitors, once you create a new page from administration, just remember to add it's link in one of those available menus.



Website Pages - Create Unlimited Content!

Using the advanced pages management, which you'll get it you can create an unlimited number of pages.
Pages Management comes equipped with the latest tools, which enables you to work with pages professionally and with ease, providing you the integrated editor similar to Microsoft Office Word and that gives you the possibility to do all the common formats on content also allows the inclusion of pictures or links to files from your site directly (read about the File Manager below) and the creation of tables and many other formatting tools, you can edit the content of any existing page or create new pages such as a page to put information about the company or the most important clients or create a page to put information about a product or service.

Main and Sub Categories

Emmice Content Management System isn’t limited to creation and management of pages, but also it provides some of the features that save a lot of time for large sites that want to set up and number of pages frequently. For example, if you want to create a page for each product being the company but your company have a large number of products or wants to publish news and events on an ongoing basis for the company. Instead of creating of a main page directly for each product or news post, you could benefit from the categories feature that comes with the management system, all you need is to create a new main category in which you are determining the form of its sub-pages that will be created and displayed under this category.
For example, if you create a category for news, you need to select the features of each news page when you create the category for first time only and not at every time you add a news post, which in turn saves a lot of time. This categories system generates a special landing page for each category to view the list of sub pages branching from it so it can be in linked the main menu,  and you add a link to refer to a category landing page only instead of adding a link for each story you publish.  The category landing page displays a list of pages inside it can be totally controlled in terms of the number of rows of the list or replace the list and make it display items like boxes by controlling the number of columns. You can also control the display order of pages whether by the date,  alphabetically or manually and other characteristics of the display:

Also each main category can have sub-categories created inside it for the purpose of indexing and grouping sub pages, these sub-categories inherit the features of the main category automatically and do not need to be re-set, in addition to the ability of creating sub-categories, the system supports some properties that facilitate the process of generating sub-pages for example, a news category can be enabled to support comments on its pages so any when for any news  page visitors can comment on it, you can activate a thumbnail picture of each news or activate date of publication feature so that when a news is posted it appears to visitors to another specific time and many other characteristics and features that will discover yourself once you start using the administration, This strong management enables you to create many kinds of categories and contents depending on the field of your company, for example:

  • News
  • Articles
  • Events
  • Products & Services
  • Useful Links
  • Useful Websites
  • Video Library
  • Documents Library
  • Client List
  • Company Branches
  • Company Team
  • Others...

Thus, this content management system enables you to add any kind of content to your website at ease.

File Manager.. Online!

One of the most routine tasks needed by the owners of sites is to upload files and documents to their website and share the link to direct download, but unfortunately, this process is not easy in most systems, where often it requires technical skills and knowledge of FTP protocol, but all this has became not required as your administrative panel comes with integrated file manager for your space, where you can deal with your files with ease and as you do with your PC, you can upload and download files with click of a mouse!

File manager features:

  • File upload
  • Renaming files
  • Creating new folders
  • Moving files or folders to another location
  • Copying files or folders to another location
  • Deleting the folders and files
  • Uploading more than one file at the same time
  • Viewing the content of the file
  • File manager does not display the files on the system to ensure reliability and stability of the site compared to using the FTP programs
  • Copying the link to download and watch any file.


Track your visitors comments

Through the administration of the comments you can manage and approve to publish any comments added by visitors to the site on the published pages (that were added under sections supports the comments), new comments are displayed highlighted which makes it easy for you to see and manage, also you can track which page the comment  has been added to and also delete a comment, all this through the unified management for all the comments on the site.



Rotating Banners and Splash Screen

Package comes equipped with a wide space at the front of the site allows you to display rotating banners of pictures from your choice, you can also use the space in the purpose of announcing about the services. Also, the package comes with the possibility to set an opening screen (splash screen) to display to visitors when entering the site for the first time.


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Framework Technical Features

Owning your website with us you ensure that you have the latest technologies used in the manufacture of Internet sites today, as the system has been done and designed according to the highest technical standards, which include the following:



  • Utilization of ASP.net 3.5
  • Utilization of C# 3.0
  • C# Optimized Codes
  • Modular System
  • Health and Monitoring
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • 3-Tier Design Pattern BLL/DAL/PL


  • Server and Client Side Validation
  • Public forms are Captcha protected
  • Spam-bots Prevention
  • XSS Content Injection Prevention
  • SQL Injection Attacks Protection
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates
  • One way password Encryption


  • Minimal Configurations Needed
  • Ajaxified Console
  • Error Handling
  • Forms hints and explanation
  • Friendly Interface
  • Permissive System
  • Input Validation


  • Interactive Web 2.0 interface
  • Ajax utilization
  • Use of latest DHTML and JavaScript Libraries mainly jQuery
  • CSS Based Templates
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Modern Browser Compatibility


  • 3-Tier Caching System
  • Minimal Database Network Traffic
  • Reduced Memory Usage
  • Images Optimization
  • HTTP Content Compression
  • JavaScript Compression
  • View state Optimization

Content Editing

  • In Place Content Editing
  • Online HTML Editor -WYSIWYG
  • Online Image Editor
  • Online File Manager
  • Database driven Content
  • Dynamic Navigation System


  • Interface Localization
  • Static Text Localization
  • Online Text Translation
  • World Class Dynamic Content Localization
  • Culture Localization
  • Right to Left Languages Support -ltr

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs
  • XML Sitemap
  • Customized Page Title and Meta Description
  • Optimized HTML Markup
  • Content Duplication Prevention
  • Robots.txt Optimization


  • Global Search Engine
  • User Friendly Content URLs
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Content Caching
  • CSS Navigation
  • Breadcrumb Navigation



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